The musical flavours of Dee Daniels are varied and rich, and they’re as inspiring as her influences.

Music is not a just discovered thing for her. She has a firm foundation in the church, singing in a church choir when she was younger. She was then attracted to the soul-touching and enticing beauty of R&B.

She is in tune with the music she sings, respecting its integrities and demanding that its stories are as clear as intended, adding her own coolness and spicing to give it her unique personal energy.

In her spirit is a love for visual art — she was a high-school art teacher — but music has this almost seductive tug, and all are forgiven for falling deeply for it as Dee did. Music education is a passion. She inspires students of voice through masterclasses, workshops, and scholarship offerings.

The words of Mary Kunz of The Buffalo News say a lot about the experience of Dee Daniels’ vocal artistry: “Dee Daniels’ voice brings to mind all the most delirious adjectives: Honeyed. Sweet. Low, rich, smooth and slow as molasses.” David A. Frye’s words about the singer are precious ones: “The Great American Songbook is in her DNA.”

I think whenever anyone is described as having something simply in their DNA, you know that their essence is complete, and that their presence, and how they express and share, is an inseparable, whole thing. Her instrument is her voice, textured and nuanced. You will fall deeply.