Matt Wilson plays drums with a sensibility that is immediate in its connection to the universe and spirit that is jazz music. The music’s culture and vibe — its majesty and magic — is in every beat and stroke and rhythmic expression he makes.

He is a bandleader drummer. There are many. Leading from the rhythm section is a perspective that seems to have its own special perch, set of guide wires, and understanding of the structures and foundations of the art. There is emotion in his playing, wit, and a lifting quality. He is having fun, taking things on a ride and an adventure, and it is all infectious.

As an educator, the spirit of Wilson is inspiring. The mission seems to be to bridge any divide between jazz artists and their music and flights of expression and create avenues of automatic and instant accessibility for the listener. If your playing incorporates and presents visions of emotions as musical manifestations, you cannot help but engage your audiences, and without any doubt, they are as much agents of engagement for Wilson. In essence, that is the purest form of the work of the curator: Take what has been created and present it in a sweetness of the pocket of a very right-now, right-there way.