About JAZZ.FM91

JAZZ.FM91 is Canada’s only 24/7 jazz radio broadcaster and listener-supported charitable organization. #DiscoverMusic

As Canada’s only 24/7 jazz radio broadcaster and listener-supported charitable organization, JAZZ.FM91 is committed to entertaining, inspiring and uniting our local community and the global jazz community we serve through programming, live performance, education and storytelling.

Find out more about who we are and what we do:

Our Vision

To make jazz accessible to everyone

Our Mission

Entertain: Programming and live performance

Inspire: Education and outreach

Unite: Music and storytelling

We believe jazz is unifying at its core. Jazz is collaborative and improvisational; it is curious and fearless and inclusive. Jazz is all of us at our best.

Our Values

Collaboration: Collaboration with artists, staff, supporters, community partners, and our Board.

Communication: Clear, transparent, and inclusive communication to all members of our community.

Empowerment: Encouragement of ideas, provision of assistance where needed, grace for mistakes, and recognition and reward of talent.

Inclusivity: Inclusivity, anti-racism, and celebration of all cultures in our content, operations and hiring practices

Innovation: Challenging assumptions, providing solutions, keeping an open mind, welcoming new ideas, and trying new things.

Preservation: Preservation and respect for the voices of artists we serve and the contributions of individual and corporate supporters.

Responsiveness: Responsiveness and attention to the times and preparation to lead the call for change.