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Listen online

On the app: Download or update the official JAZZ.FM91 app for your iOS or Android device.

On the web: Listen directly on the web at

On a home speaker: For Sonos systems, search for us in the Sonos app under “Stations” (then you can add us to “My Sonos” for easier access). For voice-activated smart-home devices using Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, you just have to say, “Play JAZZ.FM91.”

On a third-party app: JAZZ.FM91 officially authorizes TuneIn as our third-party streaming service. Some streaming apps and devices — such as Apple Music, Sonos and Google Home — access our radio stream via TuneIn. We may also be available on other third-party radio and music apps, but we only provide support for our own web- and app-based streams as well as those hosted on TuneIn.