9 PM to 10 PM

Thompson Egbo Egbo – It’s Not That Serious

Joe Sealy & Paul Novotny – You’re Gonna Miss Me (feat. Barbra Lica)

Barry Elmes Quintet – Dogs Breakfast 

Mike Murley – Cry Me A River 

Woodshed Orchestra – Shake It (feat. Dani Nash) 

Woodshed Orchestra – The Griff (feat. Dave Clark)

Dub Chronicle – Rock Skipping

Colleen Allen – 99 Binder Twine

Teri Parker – Taurus Blues 

Peripheral Vision – Title Crisis 

Music For Secret Agents – Goldeneye (feat. Irene Torres) 

10 pm to 11 PM

Andrew Downing – All Alone on the Mountain 

Jeremy Ledbetter – About Climbing Mountains 

Jake Koffman – Laura 

Lily Frost – Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues

Superblue – Sassy

Kurt Elling – Practical Arrangements (feat. Branford Marsalis)

Jacob Soucy – Icebreaker 

Caity Gyorgy – Postage Due

Dave Young – Opus de Funk