9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Robert Priest – Ali (Feat. Bob Wiseman)  

Lori Cullen – Could Be Good

Caity Gyorgy – The Feeling is Mutual (Feat. Laura Anglade)  

Jay Douglas – There’s Something On Your Mind (Feat. June Garber) 

Roberto Occhipinti – The Peacocks  

Lou Pomanti – 2001 Space Odyssey (Dedicated to Deodato) 

Monkey House – Remember The Audio

Monkey House – Skin In The Game 

Dan McCarthy – Owl Farm

Shakura S’Aida – Clap Your Hands

Jocelyn Gould – Golden Hour

Lou Pomanti – Amarte Duele (Feat. Irene Torres) 


10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Dizzy & Fay – Gotta Gotta Gotta  

Dizzy & Fay – See Me In The Dark

Mike Downes – Human Being Human

Joan Beckow Legacy Project – Dwelling (Feat. Jessica Lalonde, Jessica Stuart & Jocelyn Barth)

Jocelyn Bath – Copenhagen  

Lauren Falls – A Little Louder Now

Ernesto Cervini – Surprised By Joy

Robert Diak – Quicken

Jacob Chung – Triage 

The Ostara Project – Little One (Feat. Joanna Majoko) 

Lou Pomanti – Come Together (Feat. Marc Jordan & Robyn Black)