The Alan Copeland Conspiracy – Here, There & Everywhere

Perez Prado – Tequila   

Tropicalia – Parque Industrial

Herbie Mann – Our Man Flint 

Michel Legrand – The Boston Wrangler

Peter Appleyard – There Will Never Be Another You 

Lara Solnicki – Idee Fixe 

Adi Braun – Ninghe 

Jef Farquharson – Walking On The Moon

Paolo Busato – Vincent 

Lalo Schifrin – The Shadow

Bruno Nicholi – Up Seven

Billy May – Theme From Johnny Cool

Mundo Lowe & His All Stars – Theme From Johnny Staccato

Ninco Nardini & Roger Roger – Baheera

Music For Secret Agents – Darling (feat. George Koller & Pankaj Mishra)

Mike Hanson – Your Poem, Man

Saint Dirt Elementary School – So Cry