The Tiki Collective – Caravan

Tommy Morgan – Baia 

Hawaiian Brass – Quiet Village 

Wayne Newton – Shangri La

Johnny Hartman – Slow Hot Wind

The Tiki Collective – The Sweetest Taboo (feat. Paget) 

Robert Drasnin – Chant of the Moon 

Martin Denny – The Islanders

Henry Mancini – Arabesque

Adi Braun – Ninghe 

Ed Kenney – Blue Hawaii 

The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Exotique 

Chaino – Afro Cuban

The Ensemble of Seven – Tabu

Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo – Isn’t it Odd

Cacique and his Tribe – Don’t Make Waves

Laurindo Almeida – Misirlou

Buddy Collette Septet – Polynesia Suite