Malu Asfora moved to Canada from Brazil in 2021 and is currently studying music at Mohawk College. She plans to graduate and use her voice as a way to bring people together.

While in Brazil, Asfora started studying music at the age of three at the University of Brasilia, which had a music program for kids. At age nine, she was accepted into the Music School of Brasilia. During her time at EMB, she received a degree in the recorder, studied music theory and was a soloist in one of the main choirs of the school, even being invited to sing in embassies and at the Brazilian Congress. During more than 15 years studying music, she was influenced by artists like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque, Gilberto Gil, Marisa Monte and Elis Regina.

From ages 12 to 17, Asfora worked as a voice actress in Disney and Animal Planet shows. She also took musical theatre classes and acted in plays like Camp Rock, Matilda and The Greatest Showman.

During her time at Mohawk College, Asfora was invited to be part of the Cultural Engagement and Exchange Initiative between Indigenous artists and Mohawk Students, which allowed her to be part of a reconciliation act and learn more about Indigenous culture in Canada.