The Artistry of… Jocelyn Gould

With the depth of their very soul, the guitarist speaks and sings like no other with their instrument. Strummed, plucked, tapped, shaken to enhance the ring, or gently scratched for a special effect, the message is always the same — direct and without compromise, and there’s not much to hide behind.

What they say is what you get. It is a voice that is as distinct as the artistry of the intent of the fingers that play with the strings and those that play against the fretboard. It is in those places that the energizing of the instrument happens and the translation of the message truly occurs. The message comes with an immediacy of its own kind of intimacy. Played right up close to the body, close to heart. Right up next to the artist’s heart.

There is a resonance with the waves of the soul. The player shows us their heart and soul, a message-heavy voice of vibration, and beautiful resonance. Jocelyn Gould’s artistry resonates at the very depth of the soul, singing and speaking like no other with her instrument.