The Artistry of… Jay Douglas

Soul is life, and like life, it comes in many ways, shapes, expressions and colours. It speaks many languages and cradles cultures.

Jay Douglas’s artistry is very much life in soul. He speaks its languages fluently, and the immediacy of the translation is clear, pure and inclusive. Life, love and soul are serious things. They get full attention and respect in Jay’s vocal landscape.

The artist is a soul’s weathervane. Their communication is armed with many elements of existence: beauty and ugliness, praise and appreciation, love and the quest for it — and all of this and more with a lens of an acuity honed through experience and passion to see, provoke and inspire with that sight.

Jay’s lens sees soul as life; he entertains it and is inspired by its grace. Soul is the greatest single sense. With it we feel the being part of us. Listen hard to Jay — life is there.