Aliyah Guthrie, who goes by her stage name iris moon, is a young 22-year-old navigating through life with the help of music. As an artist she strives to pour her feelings into her music with truth and transparency. With the mixture of alternative R&B, pop and jazz music, she aspires for her music to be relatable and moving to her audience. Since the start of 2020, iris moon has challenged herself to write music more seriously with the goal of sharing her identity with the world. Some of her influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Erykah Badu, Carmen McCrae, Nat King Cole, and H.E.R. As iris moon continues to further develop her sound as a vocal artist, she aims to connect with similar artists like herself to create music that touches and inspires people of all walks of life. She is currently working on a single and EP which is to be released in 2023. As she works on her first music project, she plans to document the challenges and struggles of growing up, dealing with grief over the loss of loved ones, and re-discovering her faith in God.