Geoffrey Keezer’s soundscape is signatured with a deceptively gentle determination as he traverses the piano keyboard. He explores many genres that so often visit jazz music, including blues, funk and gospel. The artistry is a blend of characteristics of different arts disciplines.

He is as descriptive in his playing as an author with their pen, as dramatically engaging as the actor who holds your attention or commands your imagination with gestures and turns of phrase. He uses many elements from different places like ingredients in the music he plays and the music he makes.

About Geoffrey Keezer, Sting has said, “In the universe of piano players … Geoffrey has proved himself to be not only a superb technician and improviser, but also … a composer and conceptualist who can maintain the overall line and the DNA of the song in everything he plays. A musician’s musician.”

Like the dancer who presents a world upon a stage, Keezer takes music and gives it atmosphere, and ground, and space and time. To borrow from the title of a song, his music has body and soul — and it has it by letting the soul have body.