During a lonely time, Elizabeth Shepherd clung tightly to “faith, hope and love” while making her latest album Three Things.

While isolated from others — including musical collaborators — during lockdown, the Canadian singer-songwriter and pianist took inspiration from all sorts of sounds around her in order to explore new, creative ways of making music. Those sounds included a typewriter, garbage cans, a record skipping, birds, people talking, and laughter.

“I wove them into snippets from old recordings I had of jams with friends, turned stuff upside down, added layers and synth parts, and came up with these songs,” Shepherd explains. “Then I sent them off to musician friends — who were also stuck at home, and had suddenly invested in decent recording gear — and asked them to add their parts. I ended up with this Frankenstein album that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve done before, which I absolutely love.”

The result is her seventh album Three Things, an 11-track album of soulful sounds, synth-based electronica and jazz improvisation that’s focused on the resilience of the ties that bind people together.

Watch the official music video for “Time”: