For more than two decades, the BBC News has been part of JAZZ.FM91’s deep legacy. It rooted us not just to our local community but to the stories and to lives beyond our studios in Liberty Village. For that connection to the world stage, we’re grateful.

However, the times have drastically changed since those early days of broadcast and our search for information. We now have the entire world in the palm of our hands, with access to whatever we want, whenever we want. It’s time for JAZZ.FM91 to change as well.

Thursday, June 30, will be the last day of broadcast for the BBC News on JAZZ.FM91.

After all, we are a music radio station. One that continues to seek out unique programming and sounds from Toronto and all corners of the planet. This additional airtime and investment saved will help us to support our vision of making jazz accessible to everyone.

We extend our genuine thanks and acknowledgement to the BBC for being such good partners along the way, to Mary Alice Stuart for her vision and leadership, and to those who have supported its broadcast on our airwaves.

You can keep up with the BBC News’ hourly news bulletins here.